Awning Highlights of 2018

As we come in to the New Year, we wanted to look back on 2018 and highlight some of our favourite awning installations. Thank you to our customers for the lovely comments. It’s great to hear how each awning is being enjoyed long after we have completed the installation.

Markilux Pergola 110/210

Silverdale, Cumbria

Installed on to a beautiful seafront lodge in Cumbria, this Veranda Awning comes electrically operated with a remote control and installed with a wind vibration sensor which retracts the awning automatically in extreme winds. The fabric was upgraded to be Markilux Perla waterproof fabric and includes an adjustable front post so that water can flow off easily. A stylish awning for a stylish location!

Markilux Pergola Awning

“Our pergola awning is attached to the lower deck of our lodge in Cumbria. The location is exposed to the elements but we have found the awning to be remarkably tolerant of wind even when fully extended”

Weinor Cassita II LED

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Installed with integrated warm white LED lighting on a terrace in Cambridge, this award-winning awning helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere even on the most dreary days. We worked with the builder and architect to design the perfect awning for the house. Helping to create more usable outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.

Weinor Cassita II Awning

“Excellent service – fitted in a short time frame too! We’re really pleased with our new awning. Great quality, we’re really pleased with the colour and material and the remote control too!”

Markilux Pergola 110 with ShadePlus

Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Installed onto a lovely house in the beautiful county of Somerset. This Pergola Awning was fitted with a Shadeplus integrated in to the front profile for protection against blinding sun rays as well as prying eyes.

The awning and Shadeplus could be operated separately using the same remote control, meaning the Shadeplus can be activated when the sun is low in the sky. Great for when the sunlight drops on warm summer evenings.


Markilux Pergola 110 Awning

“I just want to highlight how pleased my wife and I are at the fantastic service. Everyone we have dealt with couldn’t be more caring and professional. There was no pressurised selling involved the whole experience was tailored to fully meet our needs.”

Weinor Opal Design ll with Valance Plus

West Hampstead, London

Two awnings installed onto the back of a house in West Hampstead, situated within the busy London Borough of Camden. A Valance plus was integrated into the front profile of each awning for added protection against glare; as well the best possible privacy. Heaters were also installed underneath each awning to provide a cosy outdoor area which can be used all year round.

Weinor Opal Design II Awning

“We’ve used them so much more than we expected. It’s the middle of winter and we still use them several times a week! They’ve extended the house into the garden.”

Markilux 970

Islington, London

Installed on a roof terrace in London, this awning allows the space to be used come rain or shine. This particular Full Cassette awning also comes with bionic tendon arms for increased protection against high winds.

Electrically operated with a remote control, and installed with a wind vibration sensor, it’s easy to use and pleasant on the eye. A perfect addition to an already attractive property.

Markilux 970 Awning

“The awning opens up the garden room on our roof terrace, so that we can now either sit inside the room, sheltered from the heat of the sun, or sit outside, around the garden table, breeze blowing, sun just next to us, as if we were in an airy veranda”

Markilux 990

Ealing, London

This awnings compact design made it the perfect solution for this modern property. Custom brackets were used to neatly fix the awning the the wall and were designed and supplied during the building stage of the extension. This ensured an aesthetically pleasing outcome with the brackets being built in to the property’s wall.

Markilux 990 Patio Awning

“Well what can I say about my beautiful awning? It protects me from the heat and glare of the sun, and keeps me dry from the drizzly rain above. It looks simply stunning and certainly impresses people when you trigger the remote from inside your abode”

Markilux 990

Hampton, London

Installed on to a stunning patio area in London, this awning not only provides shade when sitting outside, it also keeps the sun off the patio doors which means the house stays cool throughout those warm summer months.

The result is a great area for dining on warm evenings as well as relaxing with the family on sunny weekends.

Markilux 990 Patio Awning

“Love that my awning creates a second room outside. We use our patio double the amount we did before. It shades the inside room, giving it privacy and keeping it cool in the mid summer months. It’s literally open more than its closed now and has allowed us to keep our furniture mostly uncovered in these winter months.”

Markilux 5010

Wolverhampton, Midlands

This Patio Awning was fitted onto a house in Wolverhampton to cover a set of two bi-fold doors. Custom brackets were used to overcome the issue of external guttering and were integrated in to the design for a pleasant aesthetic..

Markilux 5010 Patio Awning

“Our canopy is perfect. We love to sit outside enjoying our garden with the option of being in part or complete shade, when we open our bi fold doors it’s like having another room, it’s the perfect addition to our house and garden.”