Veranda buyers guide

A Veranda is a fixed structure that provides shade from the elements.  Perfectly suited to both domestic and commercial applications, from creating an extra outdoor space in the form of a roofed area or even a full glass room for your home, to providing cover for your guests or customers, students or staff, with a lean-to or even a stand alone structure.



From roof only to fully enclosed

The base structure involves legs (starting with two for a lean-to, more for freestanding), metal roof supports and the choice of glass or polycarbonate.  You can add side panels in glass or aluminium and sliding doors to create a fully enclosed glass room.

For larger commercial projects and outdoor coverage the saddle and Apex roof systems provide cover at an affordable cost.

Glass or Polycarbonate

Laminated glass provides cover from UV and rain/wind, and a classic premium look.  Polycarbonate offers a more cost effective solution whilst still providing protection from the elements.

Bespoke Solutions

Available in a wide range of size options to suit your requirements.  Our expert team of surveyors and installers will ensure we can find a solution to your requirements, whether that be for your home, a school or business.


Glass pergola in garden

What are the different types of Veranda?

Lean-To – Wall mounted with a fixed frame design offering extra stability from additional support posts.

Freestanding Mono-Pitch – Popular in open spaces or where we can’t fix to a solid wall.  They utilise a freestanding structural framework which the panels are then fixed to, making them suitable to cover large spaces such as poolside areas or lawns.

Freestanding Apex Roof – Pitched roof with central support legs, providing additional cover and double the width of coverage than the Freestanding Mono-Pitch.

Freestanding Saddle Roof – Pitched roof with saddle supports, meaning there is no need for central legs, providing a more minimal appearance.


Customisable Options:

Sliding Glass Doors – These can be added to the front and sides to provide increased shelter from wind and cold.

Fixed Infill Panel – A fixed panel to the sides and/or front with glass, polycarbonate or solid aluminium (or a combination) with give permanent protection from the elements, or enhanced privacy.

Roof Blinds – Manually operated roof blinds in an external grade screen fabric provide protection from heat and glare during the summer months.

Lighting – Dimmable, low voltage LED spotlights can be recessed into the roof beams of your veranda. All cables and controls are concealed within the frame of the veranda. Operated effortlessly by a hand held remote control.

Colour – Available in two popular colours as standard, but we also have the ability to make the product in any pantone colour, to ensure it suits your style.

Glass room with glass sides

Key things to consider:

Size, both width and projection.  Most of our products are suitable for a wide range of spans.  If they are over certain sizes they may need additional support posts, but we can advise on all configuration options.

Fixings.  Do you have a solid wall to fix to?  If not we also offer free standing or ground fixed options to ensure your new veranda fits your space and offers you a secure solution.


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