What are the differences between a glass awning and a fabric awning?

From materials to fixings, lighting to retraction, awnings and verandas come in a host of different sizes and styles with a huge number of options.  We take a look at some of the key differences between going with a Glass or Fabric Awning.


Glass awnings

Having a glass awning or veranda will allow you to enjoy your surroundings and the views of your garden year round.

  • Our glass awnings are made to fit the correct sizes for you.
  • You can add heating and lighting to make your outdoor living space look how you’d like and be more practical.
  • Keep warm and sheltered in the winter months and provide you shade in the summer.
  • If you are hosting a gathering, having a glass awning means you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining it.
  • Glass Verandas are generally more expensive than Fabric awnings (size and specification dependent).
  • The Glass Verandas come with fixed posts, so are generally more stable.
  • Weinor Terrazza Glass Veranda
    Weinor Terrazza Glass Veranda with Shading

    Fabric Awnings

    Fabric awnings offer the perfect summer shading solution, fully retractable and customisable with a host of different options

    • For a fabric awning you can choose between many different styles, patterns and colours, giving you more freedom of how you want it to look.
    • You can add heating and lighting options to ensure the awning works well into the evening
    • A fabric awning is easy to use and can be put away at any time when you are not using it and your house will still look neat and tidy.
    • Fabric awnings are generally less expensive than Glass Awnings/Verandas

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