Glasoase Glass Room Wide

Modular Glass Room System

Award-winning modular system by Weinor

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Glass Roofs & Rooms

Award-winning modular system

by Weinor

Glass Extensions

Weinor’s multi-awarding winning modular glass extensions allow you to enjoy your patio all year round through creating stunning bespoke glass spaces.

The beautiful Weinor Terrazza glass roof veranda can be installed independently or combined with state-of-the-art sliding glass walls and doors to form the Glasoase enclosed room. The result is a unique way to enjoy an uninterrupted panorama of your garden protected from the rain, wind and other elements.

If you’re not sure which you need, it is possible to first install the Weinor Terrazza glass veranda first and later install the Glasoase walls . To keep this option open, please let us know beforehand and Roché will tweak your installation to suit.

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    Terrazza Roof

    First design your Weinor Terrazza glass roof from countless options and sizes, ranging from standard, gable, offset and cornered styles

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    Side Profile

    To enclose your glass extension, choose a side profile element design from 3 different options; Classic, Lite and Superlite

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    Front Panel

    Design your ideal Front Panel using a selection of; Sliding Door Elements (w17-c), Slide and Turn Partitions (w26-c) or Fixed Glazing Units (w50-c)

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    Further customise your glass room with a selection of options and accessories, for example; sun shade awnings WGM 1030/2030 or Sottezza II, skylights, lighting and lighting

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    Your Perfect Glasoase

    Now you have designed your perfect glass room using Weinor’s award-winning modular Glasoase solution