Glass Rooms, Extensions & Verandas

Weinor’s multi-award winning modular glass extensions allow you to enjoy your patio all year round through creating stunning bespoke glass spaces.
The beautiful Weinor Terrazza glass roof veranda can be installed independently or combined with state-of-the-art sliding glass walls and doors to form the Glasoase enclosed room. The result is a unique way to enjoy an uninterrupted panorama of your garden protected from the rain, wind and other elements.
If you’re not sure which you need, it is possible to first install the Weinor Terrazza glass veranda first and later install the Glasoase walls . To keep this option open, please let us know beforehand and Roché will tweak your installation to suit.

Customising your Glass Extension:

Veranda Awnings Icon

Terrazza Roof

First design your Weinor Terrazza glass roof from countless options and sizes, ranging from standard, gable, offset and cornered styles

Glass Room Side Panels Icon

Side Profile

To enclose your glass extension, choose a side profile element design from 3 different options; Classic, Lite and Superlite

Glass Room Front Panels Icon

Front Panel

Design your ideal Front Panel using a selection of; Sliding Door Elements (w17-c), Slide and Turn Partitions (w26-c) or Fixed Glazing Units (w50-c)

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Further customise your glass room with a selection of options and accessories, for example; sun shade awnings WGM 1030/2030 or Sottezza II, skylights, lighting and lighting

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Your Perfect Glasoase

Now you have designed your perfect glass room using Weinor’s award-winning modular Glasoase solution

Glass Rooms & Extensions

Designed to be used no matter the weather, a glass room extension is a completely bespoke solution which creates a unique outdoor room for your home. Manufactured to meet your requirements, it is installed with a glass patio roof for shelter against wind and rain. 

Flexible all-glass elements can be used to cover each side of the glass roof structure and provide a full panoramic view of your garden area. This is combined with sturdy construction to help maximise the space you have available.

Glass Verandas

A glass veranda is an extension of your living space, but also so much more. They provide a unique way of bringing the outdoors in, seamlessly bridging the gap between your home and garden. Enjoy unrestricted views and sunshine while still enjoying protection from the elements.

Weinor’s Terrazza and Glasoase glass room are innovative modular systems which are completely customisable to fit your lifestyle. Curl up with a book while keeping one eye on the children playing outside, protect barbeque guests with shelter from unexpected showers or create your own oasis of calm where you can watch the birds away from the hustle and bustle of family life indoors. Each glass veranda is tailored to how you want to use space.

German engineers Weinor are at the forefront of outdoor living design so it’s no surprise they have created a glass extension like no other. Where conservatories and brick-based extensions with glass roofs offer exceptional natural light and views, the Glasoase system provides uninterrupted wraparound visibility of your garden.

Weinor’s Terrazza roof provides the initial structure, manufactured to order from the highest quality safety glass and a strong yet minimalist aluminium support framework, powder coated in your choice of finish. This can then be adapted via a bespoke combination of vertical elements, from sliding doors to fixed walls. It is possible to build your room to become a fully enclosed unit; the Glasoase glass room. Perfect the ambience with matching fitted heaters, lighting and a conservatory awning for shading on demand. 


What is the cost of a glass room or veranda?

A glass room is a completely bespoke solution. The price depends on the overall size, whether you choose to add glass sliding doors and various other design options. For a Weinor Glasoase measuring 3 metres by 3.5 metres, with glass doors covering all three sides, the cost would be approximately £17,500 inc VAT and fitting.

Do you need planning permission for a glass room?

A glass room is usually classed as a permitted development. This means you don’t need planning permission to install the extension with a glass roof at your home. There are however some limits which you will need to take into account such as location, size and other factors like whether it’s a listed building.

Do you need foundations for a glass extension?

Typically a glass extension would require concrete pads to support the legs rather than foundations. This helps to avoid any major structural work that is often involved with building a conservatory.

What is a glass room made from?

Every glass room is manufactured using an aluminium box section which is powder coated to your desired colour. The benefit of choosing a Weinor solution is that it comes with corrosion resistant finish and has over 200 frame colours to choose from. 

Stainless steel fixings are concealed within the design for a clean appearance.