Awning Maintenance & Care Guide

Every awning we install is built to last and designed to be very low maintenance. This helps keep your awning looking fresh for much longer, and keeps your outdoor area looking fabulous all year round. When it comes to cleaning your awning, we do have some easy-to-follow tips which should help keep your awning looking its best.

How to Clean Your Awning

In order to take proper care of your awning it’s important that you follow these instructions carefully, and avoid causing any unwanted damage.

1. Removing Any Dust or Dirt

Before you start cleaning you should try your best to remove any debris that might have found it’s way onto your awning fabric or cassette. If you have a soft brush, you can use this to get rid of any twigs, bugs or dust that may have collected on your awning – flies can tend to collect around awning cassette definitely so worth checking here.

2. Checking For Marks and Stains

Our highly resistant awning fabrics come with their own special weatherproof coating which helps to produce a unique self-cleaning effect. If however, you do come across any marks or stains, these can be removed with a light detergent (5% soap) and lukewarm water.

3. Give it Time to Dry

While each fabric is impermeable to water, we do suggest choosing a warm dry day so that your fabric has time to dry. This is to prevent any dirt from finding its way onto damp fabric, which if left over time can be a breeding ground for fungi, increasing the likelihood of more marks or stains.

4. Treat With Waterproofing Spray

By applying a waterproofing spray you can help restore your awning’s resistance to moisture and dirt, and make sure it’s ready for next Summer, or the more unreliable Autumn months.

How Often to Clean Your Awning

The environment your awning is kept in can mean it does require cleaning regularly. This can include areas with high levels of pollution or those that attract a lot of debris from nearby trees.

If the environment is fairly clean, then you should only need to clean your awning at the end of the season, or if you notice any dirt or marks. This will minimise the risk of damage to the canopy whilst it is kept rolled up for much of the winter season. For deeper cleans of much larger awnings or those that are difficult to reach, you can contact our team for more advice.

Essentially, our premium-quality garden canopies and awnings are low maintenance and simple to clean, but checking over your awning regularly and undertaking an annual end-of-season clean will keep it working at its best and maintain its beautiful visual appeal.

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Call us for expert advice on your awning. Our opening hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Contact Our Friendly Team

Call us for expert advice on your awning. Our opening hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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