Start Designing Your Awning

Our augmented reality applications help you visualise the design of your awning before and during your survey. Move the awning in and out to get better idea of how it’s going to look, and explore the full range of Markilux and Erhardt awnings from the comfort of your home.

Markilux 3D App

The Markilux 3D augmented reality application can help you start designing all aspects of your Markilux patio awning. Experiment with different models, widths, projections and awning accessories until you find the configuration that’s right for you.

Using the app you can change the colour of the cassette and fabric at the touch of a button. Testing different options and seeing how much shade can be achieved. This is done by virtually projecting your design on to any garden or patio wall to get a full shadow simulation. You can then move the awning in and out to see how it will work once your installation has been completed.

Download the app on the Apple App-Store and Google Play Store to get started.

mARkon Erhardt App

Bring your Erhardt awning to life with the new mARkon app. With over 300 designs to choose from, you can use the mARkon app to configure and display your favourite design based on the fabric, cassette and accessories you prefer. Get a detailed view from below and under your awning with a real time visualisation.

Use the 360 degree rotation to get a full view of all aspects of your awning,  and start configuring a design that is right for your home.

Download the app on the Apple App-Store and Google Play Store to get started.