Awning Surveys

What is a survey?

If you have a rough idea which products you’re interested in, the next step is to book a survey. This enables us to tailor your quotation to your requirements.
At Roché this involves one of our fully qualified surveyors making a 60 minute visit. Our professionals don’t work in sales and don’t earn commission. Their job is simply to advise what’s best for your property and provide us with the information we need to produce a completely accurate quotation, without any hidden surprises. Then you can make an informed decision on whether you’d like to proceed. 

How do I arrange a survey?

Simply get in touch. If you’d like some more information beforehand, speak to the office – our team know the products inside out. You’ll also find information about our awnings on our website and in our domestic and commercial

Awning Surveyor Measuring

Will I need to wait long until someone can visit? And does it mean taking time off work?

It is usually possible for us to book you in within a week or two. If you have a specific day or time in mind just let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate it.
Our surveyors visit addresses across the UK, and work Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm (with the last bookings at 4pm / 4.30pm). However, if you leave for work at 8am in the morning we may  be able to send someone earlier.
It’s also possible for us to meet a family member or friend at your home if you can’t make it. Just make sure they understand exactly what you want beforehand. 

Can I just provide the measurements myself?

Measuring up is just one part of the surveyor’s job. They assess a number of other details which are unique to your property, including where the electricity supply is, the wall construction and its load bearing capabilities, possible fixing points, and the position of guttering and other obstacles. Our surveyors have years of experience behind them, so they know exactly what to look for.
They might note that you’ll require special brackets (to solve common fitting complications) or spreaders (to divide the load across more than two fixing points if your wall isn’t strong enough). Details like these ensure you’ll have a smooth installation if you do choose to go ahead.

What happens with electrical work?

Our surveyors will check you have a power supply in a suitable location. If you don’t have one we can either source a qualified electrician (and include this in your quote), or you can arrange your own before installation. It’s completely up to you. 

What happens after a survey?

Your surveyor might provide you with a rough price before they leave. They’ll then send their survey back to us, and we aim to email you a firm quotation in writing within 24 hours. This is the price you would pay if you moved forwards with your current choices.
A couple of days later we might phone to make sure you received it. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go ahead – we won’t pressure you at all. 

Re-surveys and second visits

A re-survey is simply another visit from our surveyor. This is required if you didn’t have enough time to accommodate the full hour for the initial survey, or if you’ve received your post-survey quotation and you’d like to change the specification or size. Re-surveys also required for large commercial projects, or new builds or renovation works where the technical details may change.
If it was a family member or friend who met the surveyor you may want the opportunity to meet them yourself before making a decision. You could also ask to see fabric or cassette colour samples. This can be done during a second visit.

…and if I do choose to go ahead?

Great! Simply call the office once you’ve made your decision and we’ll begin the design and manufacturing processes. If you’d rather see the surveyor again to confirm everything face to face, we can arrange this for you.
Once we have received your awning from Germany, we will phone to provide some options for installation dates. This will normally be around 3-4 weeks following confirmation of the order, but can be longer during busier periods.

Speak to the Roché team to book your survey.