Awning FAQs

Confused about your awning order? Our FAQs may be able to help. If you can’t see what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a market leader in the supply and installation of luxury awning products, we offer an unparalleled level of design and engineering excellence. Roché is a well established privately owned company and our name is synonymous with quality. Drawing on design and manufacturing expertise from continental partners, Roché installs awnings and associated products throughout the UK.

We never employ the high pressure sales techniques which are often typical in the home improvement market. We are unique in that we can give an indication of cost on our website or over the telephone, and our experienced surveyors will visit your home to conduct a site audit at your convenience.

Markilux and Weinor are German companies specialising in the design and manufacture of world class sun awnings. Their high quality products lead the growing awning industry in Europe, and Roché is a key UK partner. We choose to only work with Markilux and Weinor because they offer the highest quality awnings in the marketplace which will last for many years. This allows us to offer five year guarantees for domestic installations.

Awning prices vary dependent on the model. We are transparent with pricing and list true ‘from’ prices on our patio awnings page.

The cost of an awning will vary dependent on model and specifications, and you can gain an indication of how factors like size, operation methods and lighting impact prices on the individual product pages of our website.

For a tailored quotation, speak to us about booking a survey.

Roché manage your project every step of the way from concept, through design to installation. As a starting point, we would encourage customers to take a look at our awnings online, browse our brochures or speak to a member of the team. Our expert office staff manage all incoming enquiries, supported by a 24 hour answering service. They will be able to book a free, no-obligation awning survey for a date and time which is convenient with you.  

A 5 year, no-quibble parts and labour guarantee is available with all sun awnings installed by Roché. This means if you ever have a problem, our technical team is on hand to solve it, whether that’s over the phone or by sending somebody round.

This depends on whether you would like a supply-only product or a fully installed service. Supply-only is suitable if you know an experienced installer, while the full Roché service offers peace of mind that your project is being handled from start to finish by professionals – details available here.

In terms of manufacture, delivery and installation of products, typical lead times are 3 to 4 weeks. Every job is different and we will be able to provide a more accurate timescale once we have the details of your requirements. Awning seasonality naturally means some times of the year are busier than others.

These descriptions refer to how protected the mechanism and roller are when you’re not using the awning. Your choice will depend on where you’d like your awning to go and how exposed the area is. We can offer advice on which products are suitable for your design and budget.

Open – If you have a generous roof overhang and an enclosed garden, the installation may be protected from bad weather without any cassette casing. In our open models the mechanisms and rollers remain exposed, although a protective top cover can be incorporated.

Semi Cassette – A semi cassette awning provides a medium level or protection, and is ideal for most situations. The top is protected from weather damage from above by a tough case. End caps provide an additional safeguard against rain damage and dirt.

Full Cassette – Full cassette awnings offer the highest level of all-round weather protection. The roller and complete arm system are completely closed away when retracted, shielding them from dirt, wind and the heaviest rainfall. They’re also the best way to protect against vandalism, making full cassette awnings ideal for street-facing shop fronts and cafés.

We also offer a guide to the different types of awning.

Manual operation means you will extend and retract the awning using a winding handle. With electric operation your awning will have a motor built into the barrel and you can choose from push button or remote control. Motorised awnings also benefit from various options regarding sensors.

All Roché awnings are custom manufactured to specific sizes. Traditional folding arm awnings can span widths from 1.5m to 7m in a single unit. Projections ranging from 1m to 4m are available. If larger areas require coverage then units can be coupled and/or a frame-based system can be installed. More information on awning sizes is available here.

Both Markilux and Weinor offer a wide choice of framework and fabric options for each awning. See each product-specific page for more information, or read more about our fabric ranges.

Your awning is primarily used for sun protection, but it will also offer a degree of all weather protection dependent on model and fabric choice.

Wind – Roché advise all motorised awnings are fitted with wind sensors. These will retract the awning if wind speed reaches a level that threatens the integrity of the product. However, please note that any safety sensor is a back-up support device and should not be depended on. It is important to exercise due diligence and retract the awning yourself when possible in windy conditions.

Rain – Standard folding arm patio awnings and their fabrics are shower proof, but not completely waterproof. Providing the awning is fitted at an angle of 14o or more, rainwater will run off the front profile offering excellent protection from showers. Nevertheless, standard folding arm awnings should be retracted if threatened by heavier rain. The excessive weight of water pooling on the cover may cause the fabric to stretch.

Snow – Awnings have little or no snow loading capability and should be retracted when snow is forecast or falling.

Polyester based waterproof fabrics and specific products have been designed to offer greater all weather protection and are available on request. If total waterproofing is required, your options can be discussed with your site surveyor or the Roché office.