Markilux Patio Awnings

Roché has been a leading UK reseller and installer of Markilux awnings for over 20 years. We choose to partner with Markilux as they offer the best quality patio awnings in the market, allowing us to extend a 5-year product and workmanship guarantee on all installations.

We sell and install the full range of Markilux patio awnings, from the entry-level Markilux 1300 to the top-of-the-range stainless steel Markilux MX-1 Compact. All can be customised with heating and lighting accessories to complete your outdoor living space.

If you have an idea of your required sizes please contact us and we will provide an estimated price.

Full Cassette Markilux Awnings

Full cassette Markilux awnings offer the highest level of protection as the roller, cover and complete arm system are completely enclosed in a cassette when retracted. Markilux offer a wide choice of cassette designs.

From £2,599
From £3,999
From £3,753
From £3,974
From £4,224
From £3,096
From £5,484
From £6,624

Semi Cassette Markilux Awnings

Markilux’s semi cassette awnings look similar to their cassette awnings. The design protects the roller and mechanism from above, and has end caps to keep side winds out. The underside remains open, but rain will run off the top. This means semi cassette awnings offer adequate protection for almost all situations.

From £2,411
From £2,967
From £2,978

Open Markilux Awnings

Open Markilux awnings are best suited to patios and balconies which already offer protection, for example, enclosed areas or walls with a generous roof overhang. Markilux’s system coverboard accessory fits to the wall above and can provide some protection from the rain.

From £2,472
From £2,731
From £2,603

Stretch Markilux Awnings

Some Markilux models are available as a Stretch version. These designs have different folding arm technology to support a greater projection in proportion to width. This means they are suited to long, narrow gardens.

Markilkux is a leading brand in the world of high quality patio awnings. Their products are developed and manufactured in their state-of-the-art German factory to strict quality standards. Even their fabric covers, scientifically advanced textiles with water-resistant and UV-blocking properties, are designed and woven in Germany.

An experienced team of engineers ensure the constant development of new and existing products, and as a result, maintain Markilux’s place at the forefront of sun awning technology. The range includes full cassette, semi cassette and open awnings, all of which are made from premium materials, made to order and completely customisable.

Markilux have more than 25 years’ in the field, and their partnership with Roché was formed at the beginning. We have both witnessed Markilux patio awnings stand the test of time first-hand, with owners enjoying years and years of problem-free operation. This exceptional product quality allows Roché to offer an extended 5-year guarantee on all installations. If help and support is ever required, we will work closely with Markilux to provide a solution.

Roché is one of Markilux’s key UK partners. Our surveyors and designers work closely with the team in Germany to ensure every awning exceeds expectations. Speak to our team to discuss your Markilux awning requirements, or take a look at our Weinor patio awnings for more products.