How to expand your entertainment space this summer

Ideal Home recently discussed their 2023 Trend Predictions and their key lifestyle trend for 2023 will be to entertain at home both indoors and out.

With the Cost of Living crisis still very much front of mind, the opportunity to open your doors post Covid and entertain at home is set to be the big thing this year.

Outdoor Entertaining

From a few cheeky drinks, to a dressed up al-fresco dinner party, maximising your outdoor space and having friends around this summer looks set to be the thing to do.

Garden Living Solutions

Rather than huddle under a tree to escape the mid day sun, or have your guests rush inside with dirty shoes as the heavens open, there are a broad range of outdoor shading and garden room solutions available to make your outdoor space a more useable space

Year Round Garden Rooms

From glass roofed Verandas, to fully enclosed glass rooms, a Garden Room will give you the best of both worlds; shade from the sun and protection from the rain.

Available in a wide range of size options to suit your requirements.  Our expert team of surveyors and installers will ensure we can find a solution to your requirements, whether that be as an extra room for relaxing in or the perfect entertainment space.

Glass pergola in garden
Glass Extensions - Rooms and Roofs
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The Perfect Summer Shade

Fabric awnings are the most popular form of garden shading and deliver excellent versatility to protect your from the sun’s rays.

A Great Selection Of Awnings

From freestanding to fixed or the classic and best selling wall mounted Awnings, the shade provided by one of our award winning awnings will ensure you and your guests stay nicely shaded from the sun from afternoon canapés right through to your after dinner drinks and games.

With a myriad of options from automation, heating and lighting to a broad selection of fabric colours and finishes, there is sure to be an awning to meet your particular design style.

Awnings provide shade when it is needed and then can be retracted to allow your garden area to receive the benefit of the suns rays when you are not there.

An awning provides a perfect cover for your dinner guests or for you to unwind and relax with a nice cold drink.

Patio awning
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The Height Of Luxury

Louvred roofs provide the perfect mix of both year round cover, and open air living.

Louvred Roofs For Indulgent Outdoor Living

Entertain your guests in style with one of our award winning Louvred Roof solutions.

The louvred roof system utilises electronically controlled fins to open and close to allow just the right amount of light in, or to fully close and seal provided a water tight roof.

You can enclose the system with glass panels, wood panels, metal frames or sliding doors, tailored to your exact requirements, or simply leave it as a roof only system to cover a swimming pool our outdoor dining area.

Finish the new room off with heating, speakers and lighting.  All that’s left is your favourite outdoor furniture and your favourite people..

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