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Full Cassette Awnings

Both manual and electric full cassette awnings are specifically designed with an encasing cassette that completely covers the awning fabric and arms when retracted; offering the highest level of protection for the fabric and mechanism from the elements that can damage your garden canopy over time. The front profile creates a seal for the cassette as it closes for a pristine appearance and compact design. Furthermore, these enclosed systems ensure that no dirt or dust accumulates on the fabric while not in use – making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their patio’s pristine look for many years to come. 

At Roché, we understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between style and functionality, which is why we offer our customers a diverse selection of models, colours, fabrics and finishes to choose from.

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Beautiful Protection That Lasts

When rested in to the cassette each full cassette awning has its own unique features. Subtly combining elegance and modern design for a look that lasts for years. This includes genius accessories like adjustable LED lights and infa-red heaters for those mild autumn evenings.

Full cassette awnings have a protective enclosure. When the awning is retracted it completely covers the fabric and mechanism, protecting them from rain, wind and dirt, from all angles. This ensures the awning will always look its best and will last for many years. A cassette awning also benefits from a streamlined appearance, since all you will see is the casing when it is not in use.

Markilux and Weinor’s full cassette awnings are the best in the world. Each product is made to order from the highest quality components, with high-tech water-resistant fabrics, flexibility over sizing to the centimetre, and a choice of operation types including advanced motors and remote controls. The cassettes themselves are manufactured from aluminium and powder coated with a weather-resistant finish. Choose from a large range of suggested colours, or match existing your home by opting for a non-standard RAL colour.

Browse Markilux and Weinor’s full cassette awnings above. For more information on any of these products, speak to the Roché team.   

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