Your Perfect Sun Awning

Sun awnings are ideal to relax in the shade on a hot summer’s day and Roché awnings are designed specifically to avoid sunburn with high-tech Markilux and Weinor fabrics. 

The majority of these awning fabrics have UPF 50+ rating, the highest possible Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means the fabric blocks 98% of UV radiation and offers 50 times more protection from sunburn than if you were exposed to the sun.

Creating a safe and desirable alfresco experience is easy with sun awnings, plus they can be customised to your unique style to provide a luxurious aesthetic for classy sun protection. Roché’s sun awnings also have water-resistant properties that protect your garden furniture and keep you dry to resist the unpredictable British weather. 

Our awnings have a long lifespan and are incredibly easy to maintain. View our awning care guide to help keep your awning in top shape and functioning for a long time.

To find out more about our range of sun awnings, get in touch with our friendly team or request a free site survey.


Designs For Your Garden

Our range of sun awnings offers versatility to answer all your patio needs, from butterfly awnings for flexible and retractable shading to pergola awnings that can cover larger areas and offer extra stability against strong winds.

Escape the Indoors in Style

Choose a custom size and get inspired by a wide range of fabrics and accessories to choose from.

No matter what style you choose, our team will help you find the right veranda awning for your home.

Full Cassette Awnings

Markilux 990 Awning Full Cassette Profile

Fully enclosed with in-built casing for the highest level of protection .


Semi Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1600 & 1600 Stretch cassette

Ideal for enclosed garden areas which are less effected by wind, rain and snow.


Open Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1300 Basic Awning Cassette Profile

A lightweight appearance with no cassette enclosure for areas with adequate protection.


Ideal for Outdoor Living Areas

Choose from a variety of options to find the perfect sun awning for your outdoor space. Make the most of your garden area with modern designs, or increase your living space with bigger, higher-performance models.

Large Outdoor Areas

Markilux 970 Patio Awning

Reinvent your outdoor area with shade that covers beyond 5m in width.


Contemporary Spaces

Markilux 6000 Patio Awning

Great for medium sized garden and balcony areas of up to 5m in width.


Stretched Open Areas

Markilux 1600 Stretch

Cover all dimensions with stretch designs that can achieve a greater projection than width.


Award-Winning German Designs

Roché has been a leading UK installer of Markilux and Weinor awnings for over 20 years. We choose to partner with only German manufacturers as they offer the best quality awnings in the market, allowing us to extend a 5 year product and workmanship guarantee on all installations.

Markilux Veranda Awnings

To complete your outdoor living space, we provide the full range of Markilux veranda and patio awnings. Our range goes from the entry level Markilux 1300 to the top-of-the-range Markilux MX-1, and all can be customised with lighting and heating accessories.

Markilux continue to be the largest German awnings brand and have been for more than a quarter of a century, leading the way with new innovative designs that are lighter and more durable.

Weinor Veranda Awnings

At Roché, we supply and install open, semi and full cassette models from within the Weinor range of veranda and patio awnings. This includes stylish full cassette models such as the Weinor Cassita II and Weinor Zenara and simple open cassette designs like the Weinor Topas.

Weinor were originally established over 50 years ago in Cologne, Germany. Today they are a globally recognised and multi-award winning manufacturer of awning products, combining years of knowhow in the design and manufacture of frames and fabrics.

Inspiration For Your Outdoor Space

Start exploring your outdoor space today with our extensive range of patio and balcony awnings. We provide practical tips on our range of fabrics and accessories, as well as outdoor living tips which can really brighten up your home.

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Need Some Help From Our Experts?

Get advice and help on deciding which awning is right for you with a free, no-obligation survey, all from within the comfort of your own home.

Our experienced surveyors offer practical advice

Ensure it is the perfect fit

Touch and compare design samples

Choose the right accessories for you

Roché Surveyor

Providing Our Services Across The UK

Here at Roché, we are proud to provide a wide range of products and a competitive price. We only supply sun awnings from award-winning brands Markilux and Weinor who are known for their exceptional quality and standout design and advise you on all their awning products, never using a hard-sell approach. 

All our surveyors have been ex-installation engineers, bringing a wealth of experience in awning installation, and we will be on hand to support you from the initial design to the installation and after-sales. Our methods are trusted by customers across the UK and we are confident that our service and products will meet your needs and continue to offer the longest standard product and workmanship guarantee in the industry.

Let Yourself be Inspired

With the aid of our professional guides and design tools, you will find new ways to expand your outdoor room.

Image of different types of awning

Awning Types

You may have an idea of what kind of awning you want in your mind, but you’ll need to know what to look for before you can progress any further.

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Awning Sizes

Awning Sizes

When buying an awning, our guide will walk you through the most important measurements to consider.

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Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

Quality awning fabrics are very different from other textiles. They have an advanced set of properties which allow them to withstand annual changes.

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Awning Prices

Awning Prices

At Roché we have always been upfront on the price of our products. This is why we have awning guide rates throughout our website.

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Finance Your Awning

We’re proud to offer finance on all our awning designs. Spread your payments over 10 months with no interest or hidden charges. For example, on an order of £7,500.00, 35% deposit of £2,625.00, Amount of credit is £4,875.00.

*Credit is available subject to status and affordability.