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Open Cassette Awnings

Open awnings and garden canopies offer a neat slimline design which is suitable for shading large areas. Create a stylish living area for well-covered gardens and patios with a cost-effective form of sun protection. Open awnings also benefit from a number of accessories and hundreds of fabric patterns to choose from.

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Ideal For Large Areas

By choosing an open awnings you can shade areas where coverage is already provided, making them ideal for fitting in soffits or eaves. This ensures rain, wind and dirt cannot damage the fabric or mechanisms. 

The aesthetics open awnings offer differ from cassetted designs. The fabric remains visible, and the general appearance is more slimline. You may also find fewer sizing restrictions without a cassette.

Markilux and Weinor both offer open awnings. They can be customised from hundreds of fabrics, different frame colours, bespoke sizing and a choice of operation types. Book a survey to find out more about your options.

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