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Semi Cassette Awnings

Semi and half cassette garden awnings are covered from above for protection against any rainfall or dirt. One step down from the full cassette awning, the semi-cassette option provides the same variety of colour and material combinations but with a different style of protection to the fabric. Perfect for garden and patio areas which benefit from less exposure to wind and rain.

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Stylish Protection For Enclosed Areas

Semi cassette awnings provide protection and style. They have an enclosure which partially covers the awning, usually from above and the sides, when it is retracted. This keeps rain, wind and dirt from reaching the fabric from these angles, enhancing its lifespan and ensuring the awning always looks its best. While a full cassette offers a higher level of coverage (by enclosing the underside too), semi cassette awnings provide adequate protection in most cases. The open underside means sizing is less restricted, so you may find more options in terms of integrated lighting along the front bar (such as the Markilux 1650), or larger extended arm sizes.

Find more information on Markilux’s semi cassette awnings above. All are manufactured to order, allowing us to offer hundreds of fabric colours, a choice of cassette and frame finishes, sizing which fits your garden perfectly, and different operation types. To find out more about any of these products, or to book a free survey, contact Roché’s awning experts.

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