We all know about blinds and curtains, but most people don’t realise they’re not the only options for adding privacy and controlling light levels. Vertical awnings are the perfect blinds and curtains alternative that combines the benefits of a sun awning with more traditional forms of window protection. Here’s a little more information about them.

How are Vertical Awnings different to Blinds and Curtains?

While blinds and curtains are designed for indoor use, vertical awnings are more comparable to the traditional patio awning design. Their robust construction makes them suitable for shading from outdoors, although they can be fitted indoors too.

They have a cassette which is fixed on the wall above your window frame. This is what the awning fabric retracts into. Each side of your window will have a guide wire or guide rail, and the cover fabric runs vertically within this.

It’s possible to have a window awning with indoor or outdoor operation, either using a manual winding handle or a motor and a remote control.