New 2018 Awning Fabrics

Both Weinor and Markilux have officially announced the introduction of their new fabric collections for 2018. This is something they tend to announce every five years as they look to freshen up their colour selection. This means that over the next year you will see some patterns being discontinued as they proceed with the revamp. Newer fabrics will become available adding more stylish patterns for you to choose from.

Any existing customers will see some colours start to dissapear as the new collection is introduced. This could make some fabric replacements more problematic. Not to worry though as most fabrics will still be available to a limited extent.

How do I know if my fabric has been discontinued?

If you have a Weinor awning, you can visit the Weinor Colours page to see the latest changes to their range. This includes information on discontinued fabrics as well as those with limited availability.

For a Markilux awning, you can see a list of their discontinued fabrics via their website.

What happens if my awning fabric has been discontinued?

If your fabric is no longer available then we there will be a number of alternatives available offering a similar style and aesthetic. We can suggest the most suitable fabrics and even order replacement canopies for those who need it.

To find out more about the current range of fabrics available you can visit our Awning Fabrics page or Contact Us for more information.

When will we get more information about the new fabrics?

Both Markilux and Weinor are going to be announcing their new fabrics in the near future. We will be providing updates as soon as more information comes available. So watch this space!

With the addition of these new more modern fabric colours it will become even easier to find your perfect patio awning. If you’re struggling for ideas though why not use our expert product finder and find the solution that is right for your home.