Is Your Pub World Cup Ready?

Summer 2022 has been the summer of sport! With Wimbledon, The Open, the Women’s Euros, and the Commonwealth Games, UK sports fans have enjoyed a competition-filled season. But it’s not over yet! The Men’s World Cup is set to take place in Qatar on November 21st for the first-ever World Cup held in the winter months; so don’t miss this opportunity to increase your revenue this World Cup season.

The World Cup is undoubtedly a huge cause for celebration, every four years driving up the UK economy as fans head to pubs, bars and restaurants to cheer on the nation with friends. The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) predicted that England fans drink around 14 million extra pints at the pub during the World Cup group stages, and the BBPA chief executive claims that ‘when it comes to watching England at the World Cup, only being at the game itself can compare with being in the pub.’ Additionally, with Wales making the World Cup for the first time in 64 years, the Welsh fans are sure to be out cheering their team on with a nice cold beer.

It’s no doubt that the closures and restrictions during the pandemic hit the hospitality industry the hardest with UK pubs losing £8.2bn in beer sales in the first year of the pandemic. We’re quickly returning to some level of normality and with the World Cup fast approaching it’s clear that the hospitality industry is ready to capitalise on this first ever winter tournament.

With the recent government announcement that pavement licences have been extended for pubs, bars and restaurants approaching the winter months, what does this mean for post-covid recovery and the nearing World Cup?

How awnings will change the World Cup experience

Filling every seat during a World Cup match is hardly difficult, what pubs struggle with instead is finding enough space for every beer-thirsty fan. Awnings mean more seats and happier customers. More seats and happier customers mean more sales. Andy Maddocks, from the well-known Mothership Group, stated that putting up awnings during football increased their revenue by 10%, which is no small feat.

When winter truly begins here in the UK, with the evenings beginning at 4 pm, it’s no doubt that putting up properly fixed awnings instead of gazebos changes the game. Mostly because bars are able to give customers a good outdoor seating option. Long gone are the days of sitting around a damp wooden table, freezing under an umbrella. Awnings now have integrated lighting and speakers within the frame which create the perfect atmosphere during the evening, exactly like being inside. They let bars offer temperature-controlled areas by putting in powerful infrared heaters which means the beer doesn’t freeze in your hand. And restaurants can even offer food service outside as it’s a comfortable temperature for eating and drinking and light enough to see your meal.

Perhaps lots of pubs and bars are put off by the aesthetic side of things, after spending a great deal of money creating a building that looks and feels good for the customer, there is fear of destroying the ambience. But awnings can actually blend in nicely, with colour selections or bespoke signwriting made to match the current theme and design of the pub. You can even, in time for the World Cup, get signs printed for the awnings to drive football traffic.

Awnings are available in a range of sizes to suit your outside space

What are the extensions to pavement licences?

A pavement licence is a licence granted by the local authority which allows pubs and restaurants to place removable furniture on the outside of their premises for a certain reason.

Currently, pavement licenses are in place until 30 September, 2022. However, the government now intends to extend the duration of this amendment until 2023. The extension to pavement licences allows places to think about building more permanent structures to make their customers more comfortable.

Something a bit more sturdy than previous years’ haphazard gazebos or parasols. When outside seating-only restrictions were placed last year the hospitality industry scrambled to put together outdoor seating arrangements which left many pub-deprived customers sitting in the rain with only flimsy umbrellas for protection. But as the hospitality industry begins winter World Cup preparations in true, there’s still plenty of time to invest in something better.

Which awnings are most suitable?

Popular choices for the food and beverage industry are patio awnings as well as pergolas and freestanding designs as they can be configured to cover larger spaces of up to 40m². These can be combined to achieve even larger spans for venues looking to provide outdoor dining experiences or host events.

Mostly, people are looking for sturdy and weatherproof awnings as it’s no secret the British winter can be harsh. Think wind-resistant and rainproof designs to make sure customers stay toasty and warm even in the coldest of months. Awnings not only protect customers from the elements but also give tables a more private feel amid a busy, booming pub.

Ultimately, awnings are going to allow pubs, bars and restaurants to take advantage of the government’s extension to the pavement licence and get ready for the soon-to-be World Cup madness. Providing extra seating for customers without compromising on the look and feel of the existing space or the overall customer experience.

Roche’s awnings offer excellent ventilation with perforated fabrics and vertical solutions that can help control temperature and lighting. Each awning is made to measure and fully customisable, with hundreds of colours and frame choices, so you’ll be able to find a solution that perfectly suits the needs of you and your customers. 

If you want to find out more about how awnings can add to your revenue this winter, check out our revenue calculator or get in touch with a member of our team about an awning solution for your business.