Find The Perfect Awning For Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a great addition to any outdoor space, however, there are some struggles when it comes to protecting them. From collecting dust to getting damaged by winter frost, as well as every day leaves and insects, a hot tub cover is essential to fully enjoy your home jacuzzi with minimal maintenance worries.

At Roché we pride ourselves on providing exceptional products which can offer excellent protection for your hot tub. Our team of surveyors are highly experienced and offer complete price transparency, helping us to deliver outstanding service to homes across the UK.

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Hot Tub Pergola

If your hot tub is located near a wall, a pergola awning may be the ideal solution for you. 

Requiring less floor space than a gazebo, this type of hot tub shelter can be installed with a retractable roof, ready to fold open and close in a matter of seconds through remote control (no more checking the weather app in advance!). 

No storage space is required: retractable awnings fold into themselves and remain attached to the wall, so you don’t need to worry about where to put them away.

If your patio is visible to neighbours, pergolas still add much-needed privacy without blocking your surroundings or obstructing the view.

Freestanding Awnings For Hot Tubs

If your hot tub is located detached from a property, don’t despair. Freestanding awnings are not only long-lasting and waterproof, they also look great and can be fitted in any place you wish.

The Markilux Syncra 2 Flex is the perfect freestanding awning if the spot where your hot tub is located has inadequate soil: the weight stabilization boxes replace the need for concrete foundations for support.

Adding Privacy To Hot Tubs

Do you want privacy without compromising on the ambience of your own patio? At Roché, we offer side awnings that can be matched with the style of your garden. These can be fitted to your space, providing complete privacy if you are close to neighbours.

Easy to maintain, side awnings can be extended as far as you need and offer an extra benefit: wind protection as well as shade, so nothing can stop you from enjoying your hot tub.

Nationwide Service

At Roché Awnings, we proudly offer high-quality products: our awnings from Weinor and Markilux are recognised globally for their excellent calibre. 

Offering great customer service is the cornerstone of our business: no matter the type of awning you choose, we can provide comprehensive advice on all, without any hard sales approach. 

All our surveyors are former installation engineers, having a wealth of experience in this field, that is why our approach is trusted by customers across the UK.

Hot Tub Enclosures Benefits

There is no reason you should avoid using your hot tub during the winter months. An outdoor awning provides the perfect shelter for your hot tub, as well as added comfort. At Roché Awnings, we provide a variety of accessories, lighting and heating fixtures to transform your hot tub into the ideal space.

Durable and versatile, our hot tub awnings come in a variety of styles including full cassette, non-cassette and half-cassette. Plus, they don’t disrupt your home aesthetics: in a range of fabrics and colours, any awning you choose can blend in with your property style. Our awnings can be stored away whenever you wish and you can pick designs that match your personal preference.

Eye-catching, protective, and easy to install, hot tub awnings don’t have to be very expensive: there are cheap hot tub enclosures that are effective in giving you the privacy you desire. Take a look at the Roché awning options and get inspired, then contact us with any questions you may have.

Finance Your Hot Tub Awning

We’re proud to offer finance on all our awning designs. Spread your payments over 10 months. For example, on an order of £3,500.00, 35% deposit of £1,225.00, Amount of credit is £2,275.00.

*Credit is available subject to status and affordability.