About Our Electric Awnings

Electric awnings are designed to provide shade and temperature control whilst providing a stylish addition to your house. Roché provides high-quality awnings which will protect your garden come rain or shine. 

No matter what you are looking at using your awning for, whether it is relaxing in the shade on a hot day or finishing up a spot of gardening when it’s raining or drizzling, an awning is designed to keep you dry and avoid getting sunburnt. Awnings are also great at protecting your garden furniture from sun and wind.

Electric awnings are run by a built-in motor which is hidden by the awning itself and are operated by mechanical arms ensuring that your awning is working at the best capability and serving its purpose.


Custom Electric Awnings

Find the ideal electric awning to suit your outdoor space and personal style with an extensive range of modern and stylish designs.

Types of Electric Awning

Looking for new ideas to make the most of your garden? Our selection of stunning electric awnings are intelligently designed to meet the needs of your home. Whether it’s enjoying a bit of al-fresco dining, protecting garden furniture against harsh sunlight with sun awnings, or creating a stylish environment where you can host family and friends.

Select an option below to find out more:

Full Cassette Awnings

Markilux 990 Awning Full Cassette Profile

Fully enclosed with in-built casing for the highest level of protection .


Semi Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1600 & 1600 Stretch cassette

Ideal for enclosed garden areas which are less effected by wind, rain and snow.


Open Cassette Awnings

Markilux 1300 Basic Awning Cassette Profile

A lightweight appearance with no cassette enclosure for areas with adequate protection.


Electric Awnings are Ideal for Outdoor Living Areas

Find the ideal electric awning to suit your garden with various types to choose from. Make the most of your outdoor space with contemporary designs, or expand your living space with larger high performance models.

Large Outdoor Areas

Markilux 970 Patio Awning

Reinvent your outdoor area with shade that covers beyond 5m in width.


Contemporary Spaces

Markilux 6000 Patio Awning

Great for medium sized garden and balcony areas of up to 5m in width.


Stretched Open Areas

Markilux 1600 Stretch

Cover all dimensions with stretch designs that can achieve a greater projection than width.


The Best Electric Awning Brands

Roché has been a leading UK installer of Markilux and Weinor electric awnings for over 20 years. We choose to partner with only German manufacturers as they offer the best quality electric awnings in the market, allowing us to extend a 5 year product and workmanship guarantee on all installations.

Markilux Patio Awnings

We provide the full range of Markilux electric patio awnings, from the entry level Markilux 1300 to the top-of-the-range Markilux MX-1. All can be customised with heating and lighting accessories to make your outdoor living space completely bespoke.

Markilux are the largest German awnings brand and have been for more than a quarter of a century, leading the way with brand new inspirational designs that are lighter and more durable than much of the competition.

Weinor Patio Awnings

We supply and install open, semi and full cassette models from within the Weinor range of electric patio awnings. This includes simple open cassette designs like the Weinor Topas and stylish full cassette models such as the Weinor Cassita II and Weinor Opal Design II.

Weinor were originally established over 50 years ago in Cologne, Germany. Today they are a worldwide, multi-award winning manufacturer of awning products, combining years of knowledge in the design and manufacture of frames and fabrics.

Inspiration For Your Outdoor Space

Start exploring your outdoor space today with our huge range of electric patio and balcony awnings. We provide practical tips on our range of fabrics and accessories, as well as outdoor living tips which can make a house a stunning home

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Benefits of Electric Awnings

  • Simple to operate – By removing the manual handles, an electric awning can be controlled easily with the touch of a button. A remote control means that there is no need to disturb your relaxation. 
  • A wide range of accessories – There is a wide range of awning accessories to accompany your electric awning including light sensors and coverboards all designed to help you get the best out of your awning. 
  • Prevents damage – Electric awnings are great if you want to keep your awning looking its best for longer. With the precise and controlled opening, your awning will avoid being damaged from forced unrolling over time.
  • Long Lifespan – With an expected long lifespan, electric awnings are easy to maintain. Follow our awning care guide to help you get the most out of your awning and keep it functioning for a long time. 

Learn More About Electric Awnings

Discover new ways to extend your outdoor area with help from our expert guides and design tools.

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Awning Sizes

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Awning Fabrics

Awning Fabrics

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Awning Prices

Awning Prices

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Electric Awnings From Leading Brands

Electric awnings come in a variety of models including Markilux and Weinor and sizes all specifically designed to fit your garden or patio enabling you to get the protection you need. Our retractable awnings are available in a range of covers including open, semi or full cassette finishes so you can choose the level of protection you require. 

If you want to find out more how an electric awning can be beneficial for your garden, patio or balcony, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll talk you through all our options.