The Best Plants to Bring The Outdoors Into Your Glass Room

Incorporating plants into your glass room is another way of bringing that outdoor feeling into your home. Follow our guide for the perfect way to add that touch of nature to your home;

Succulent plants 

If you are looking for a low maintenance plant to add to your glass room, succulents and cacti are a great option. They thrive in the sun and adapt well to the drop in temperature. 

To add an extra level of style to your succulents, plant a variety of different textured and coloured succulents into one pot, and surround them with stones or even moss to bring an additional touch of greenery into your home. 

Aloe Vera 

This tough succulent plant is often associated as a kitchen plant, however Aloe Vera also thrives in warm, sunny glass rooms and only requires a bit of shade. They can also tolerate low temperatures throughout the colder months. 

Style this plant in a terracotta pot to create a country, rustic design or choose monochrome ceramic to achieve the perfect contemporary accessory. 

Jade Plant (Money plant) 

The Jade Plant, also known to many as a Money Plant, is a popular addition to a glass room. This low maintenance succulent plant is an effortless way to decorate your room. It can withstand the hotter summer temperatures and the cooler winter months. As well as its aesthetics, it is also known for bringing positivity, prosperity and good luck to your area. 

String of pearls

This indoor succulent trailing plant is a great way to emphasise the height of your glass room. Suspend the string of pearls in a basket from the ceiling or in a pot off a shelf to add an extra level of interest to your glass extension.

Lemon tree 

Citrus plants thrive in a glass room environment, not only will the fruit add that beautiful colour and freshness to your room, you will also be rewarded with the delicious smell. This evergreen plant requires a bit more care than most, but it will definitely be worth it. 

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