The Best Garden Design Blogs to Follow in 2021

After an unusual year with a lot more time on our hands and a lot less opportunity for travel, many of you have been in your Great British gardens, choosing to improve your garden instead of going on holiday. Starting this journey of a garden makeover can be intimidating, especially to a novice or if you’ve let your garden grow out of control! But don’t fear.

As patio awning experts, we know what it takes to create a beautiful garden and we also know what makes a great garden design blogger! Take a look at our list below where we have compiled our favourite Garden Design Blogs to Follow in 2021:

Simplify Gardening

Tony O’Neill shares his passion for gardening whilst managing his full-time job as a firefighter. Gardening when he was younger with his grandfather, his passion for planting vegetables and plants grew. When his grandfather passed away, he took over the garden and learned new techniques along the way which he now shares with his passionate audience on Simplify Gardening. An excellent resource for tips on all things gardening related.

Garden Ninja

Now one of the presenters on BBC1’s Garden Rescue, Lee and his team are the genius gardeners behind Garden Ninja. Full of top tips, guides and inspiration, the blog is one of the best gardening blogs around. Offering a portfolio of work and a helpful blog that covers gardens from Japanese gardens to themed and fantasy gardens, it’s perfect for those who are more experienced and need a little inspiration.


Claire’s Allotment

After spending nearly three years posting videos involving her garden and allotment to YouTube, Claire decided after encouragement from her husband to set up Claire’s Allotment. Aiming to share hints, tips and gardening successes to her audience, Claire aims to guide gardening novices and professionals alike. 


Mandy Watson is a freelance journalist and gardening copywriter with roots firmly planted in working-class NE England. MandyCanUDigIt grew from the tiny seed of a Twitter account into a rainforest of information. Mission statement: to make gardening more accessible to the often excluded – the less able, the hard-up or beginners. An advocate of gardening for better mental and physical health. Between gardening advice, you will find suggestions for events and the best places for garden lovers to visit.

papergardenworkshop Paper Garden Workshop

Lisa runs Paper Garden Workshop, where she helps inspire and creates the audience’s dream garden. Encouraging people to take on the activities provided to achieve their ideal garden, Paper Garden Workshop is full of encouragement and inspiration for every budding gardener of every level. 

alternativeden Alternative Eden

Mark and Gaz started their tropical and exotic themed garden way back in 2005 and decide to document its development on a blog. More than fifteen years later, Alternative Eden has evolved into featuring their koi pond build, a sprinkle of travels, and the occasional appearance of their three garden-loving cats. Alternative Eden still mostly focuses on exciting exotic plant additions and how to give them optimal conditions for survival.

The Middle Sized Garden

Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or a guide of what plants are easy to keep alive, The Middle Sized Garden is perfect for those who have a middle-sized garden. Alexandra is the face behind this highly successful blog where she shares everything she’s learnt since taking up gardening 15 years ago. If you’d like all her tips, ideas and inspiration in video format, the Middle Sized Garden YouTube channel is the place to go, recently surpassing 85,000 subscribers.

The 3 Growbags

These three sisters joined together to share their tips on how to keep your garden healthy through the seasons and how to tackle issues that may come up. With a good dose of humour, Laura, Elaine and Caroline come from a family of keen gardeners and are always up to answer questions from novices and experts alike. You can expect a post every Saturday morning, which will give you the gardening kick you need to get your hands muddy during the weekend.

Black Girls With Gardens

Black Girls with Gardens is a collective website providing answers and tips to women of colour to inspire them to take on gardening, offering a like-minded space for women to support and connect with each other over a shared passion of gardening. From a newbie to women with a potted plant army, Black Girls with Gardens has everyone covered. 

bytherfarm Byther Farm

Gardener, homesteader, author, video creator and fantastic blogger: we would like to tell you something that Liz doesn’t do, but we haven’t found it yet. On the Byther Farm blog, Liz teaches natural methods to grow fruit and vegetables without mass-produced chemicals, as well as tips on what is best to grow each month and how to care for your garden. Ready to tackle all subjects, you will also find blog posts on food security, as well as self-sufficiency.

Plants Bulbs Seeds

Tried and tested, Louise has had her fair share of gardening mistakes but through these, she has learnt many new skills and is now sharing her experiences and tips on her blog Plants Bulbs Seeds. Inspiring the next generation of gardeners to grow and nurture their outdoor space. Perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced gardeners.


ChilliChump, also known as The Spicy Gardener, is a blog created by Shaun who (and you have probably guessed it by now) loves growing plenty of chilli plants. If you are not a fan of the spice, don’t worry. Between his blog and Youtube channel, Shaun takes a techy approach to urban gardening in a small way. You will find how-to guides and tips on automating drip irrigation, air circulation, heating/cooling, plus plenty of fiery recipes.

Growing Family

When the blog originally started it was based around fitting gardening and the outdoors into busy hectic family life. Since then it has grown to focus around all that and more. Catherine and her family use the blog to showcase their passion for gardening and being outdoors. One for those who want to grow a budding garden whilst managing the hectic life of family and work.

selfsufficientme Self Sufficient Me

After several years of sharing realistic ways in which you can be more self-reliant, Mark took his passion to Youtube and has since gathered a massive following that is eager to learn more about organic gardening and are striving to be more self-sufficient. His blog features diverse topics, from tips on fishing and taking care of poultry, to his views on health and sustainability. And don’t skip the Recipes section: the Korean BBQ Kimchi Chicken is a must-try on your next foodie night, extra points if you grew the onions yourself.

Did we miss one of your favourite garden design blogs? Are you a garden blogger who thinks they should be included in the list? Let us know on Twitter. While you’re here, why not check out our other handy blog posts and interesting articles?