The Best Awnings for Bifold & Sliding Doors

With the rise of sliding and bifold doors, getting the right awning for your patio that compliments your doors is important. You’ll want to make sure you get one that fits correctly and covers the wide-area which is common with these types of doors. 

Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and features. We offer a wide range of options including open, semi-cassette and full cassette awnings for you to choose from as well as a range of styles and designs to help you choose one that matches the aesthetic of your home. 

Take a look below at a range of different awning styles for your bifold or sliding doors:

Markilux 990

Markilux 990 Patio Awning

The Markilux 990 is ideal for domestic use and small spaces with an opening width of less than 5m. Providing direct coverage for your patio, this awning has water-resistant properties which allow it to withstand light showers and can offer 50+ sun protection . This compact cassette awning is slender, practical and formal, ideal for a variety of gardens and pool areas. 


Markilux 6000

Markilux 6000 Patio AwningThe Markilux 6000 is an award-winning full cassette awning and has a maximum width of 7m. Ideal for those who want a high-quality awning with hundreds of styles and designs to choose from. Considered a contemporary and innovative design, the Markilux 6000 is one of the best awnings around for bifold and sliding doors.


Weinor Kubata

A full cassette awning which has been designed to perfectly fit in with a modern design building. Built to measure up to 6500 mm wide and can extend as far out as 4000 mm, it’s perfect for larger sliding doors. The award winning design has no visible fixings allowing it to blend effortlessly into your home and has a wide range of frames and colours and fabrics to choose from. 


Markilux 5010

The Markilux 5010 effortlessly extends at just the touch of a button whilst and offers a generous amount of shade. Built with a full cassette design, you can trust that your awning and it’s mechanical parts are protected. With the ability to couple with three awnings, you’ll be able to extend your outside experience and your guests will be able to find shade as well. 


Weinor Opal Design II

The Weinor Opal Design II offers a classic, timeless design whilst still offering high quality performance with groundbreaking Weinor technology. Specifically designed to provide shade for large areas, it blends harmoniously with your house design and offers an aesthetically pleasing look to compliment your bifold or sliding doors and is protected from the elements either both open and closed. 


Markilux 970

The Markilux 970 is an extra compact full cassette awning which has been designed to provide a neat and slim appearance. With numerous styling options, the 970 is ideal for those who love the idea of simplicity and elegance. With a quiet opening, you’ll be able to use your awning without disrupting the peace and your neighbours. Thanks to its wide design you’ll be able to open your bifold or sliding doors knowing that no matter the weather your inside will be safe and dry. 


Markilux 3300

Measuring up to 7m wide from a single unit the Markilux 3000 is perfect for both domestic and commercial properties. Designed to cover large areas created by sliding and bifold doors, the Markilux is designed to blend into your property with its smooth front profile disappearing completely into a wall. If you have a larger area created by your bifold or sliding doors, you can effortlessly couple awnings together to create a larger shade area. 


Markilux MX-1 Compact

One of the best customisable awnings on the market, the Markilux MX-1 Compact is a full cassette awning with a customisable front profile. It’s a smaller version of the MX-1 but still covers a large area making it a good choice for those with a bifold or sliding door. A multi-award winning awning, is fully electric as standard and is perfect for covering large areas whilst still maintaining the design of the house. 

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